INTERVIEW, 2005/2006, Director Jules Toebben

INTERVIEW allows an exclusive peak behind the scenes with an overview and intimate statements of some of the greatest contemporary artists worldwide -from the superstars like Damien Hirst or Jonathan Meese to the "little" street artists. The interviews are illuminating, in respect that you would never have thought of some particular meaning of an art piece just by looking at it.

The documentary describes the evolution of contemporary art through interviews with the artists by asking questions about their motivations. No other art form is as personally motivated or as identifiable with the artists themselves than contemporary art. A wide range of artists, from the great pop stars of the scene to the lesser known street artists tell of their accomplishments, their vision, their impressions giving an inside spectrum from the non-transparent jungle of the art scene.

INTERVIEW, while portraying contemporary art, is playing with the instruments of the genre itself and forming a unique piece of modern documentary with graphic elements but without any off-comments.

INTERVIEW is filmed on various art locations in Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, London and New York City.

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