Documentary Film, Germany 2005, 71 Min., English
Production: GFGU Gesellschaft für gute Unterhaltung Filmproduktion,
in cooperation with jt film production
Producer: Matthias von Birkensee
Executive Producers: Jan Sötje
Rachel G. Ruderman
Director: Julia Toebben
Cast: Jeffrey Deitch (Gallery Owner)
Swoon (Artist)
Os Gemeos (Artist)
Futura 2000 (Graphic Designer)
Phil Frost (Artist)
Stash (Graphic Design)
WK (Artist/Design)
Glenn Lowry (Director,MoMA)
Michael Joo (Artist)
Various Art Students
Jim Jarmusch (Filmmaker)
Bruno Brunnet and Nicole Hackert (Gallery Owners)
Daniel Richter (Artist)
Jonathan Meese (Artist)
Martin Eder (Artist/Musician)
Birgit Brenner (Artist)
Gerd Harry Lybke (Gallery Owner)
Jochen Dogenhaus (Gallery Owner, Leipzig)
Peter Krauskopf (Artist)
Heiner Bastian (Collector)
Mirjam Scholz (Artist)
Pisa 73 (Artist)
Evol (Artist)
Gould (Artist)
Damien Hirst (Artist)
Ant Genn (Musician)
Tracey Emin (Artist)
Banksy (Artist)
Adam Neate (Street Artist)
Keith Allan (Actor)
Timothy Persons (Curator)
Niko Luoma (Photographer)
Ola Kolehmainen (Photographer)
Hans Peter Adamski (Professor)


INTERVIEW allows an exclusive peak behind behind the scenes with an overview and intimate statements of some of the greatest contemporary artists worldwide – from the superstars like Tracey Emin, Martin Eder, Damien Hirst, Jonathan Meese to the „little“ street artists. The interviews are thrilling, in respect that you would never have expected such force behind art in its purity.

The documentary describes the evolution of contemporary art through interviews with the artists by asking questions about their motivations. No other art form is as personally motivated or as identifiable with the artists themselves than contemporary art. A wide range of artists, from the great pop stars of the scene to the lesser known street artists tell of their accomplishments, their vision, their impressions giving an inside spectrum from the non-transparent jungle of the world’s art scene.

INTERVIEW, while portraying contemporary art, is playing with the instruments of the genre itself and forming a unique piece of modern documentary with graphic elements but without any off-comments.

Everybody knows about the art of Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin or Jonathan Meese (Berlin). But contemporary art also consists of the sparsely loved graffiti- and street art. Nobody looks at it properly, though it occurs to one on the streets of the big cities, presenting at every corner. Through artists like Banksy (London) or gallery owners like Jeffrey Deitch (NYC), it comes back to attention and let us remember the 1980´s, when Jean-Michel Basquiat began to show in the world´s top galleries. Very subliminal, the film deals with the question, if that could have had a negative impact on Basquiats fall.

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